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Welcome to the SalesCart e-commerce Blog.

Here we will discuss and write business information articles on doing e-commerce on the Internet for small and medium-sized businesses.  Using our Free Facebook shopping cart, we will cover gotchas, help you with marketing, show you tips and tricks and show you how you can do Internet e-commerce more economical, more securely and easier than ever before.  We will answer questions like:  Do you really need a website?  Do you really need a web designer?  Should you be using a Marketplace?  We will provide information like: How does the Internet Shopper think and how is he different from a retail shopper.  The things that make Facebook important to your marketing strategy.  The reasonable fees to pay for credit cards and what is a good deal and what is a lousy deal.  We will teach you about Internet Security and how it can make you happy or how it can make you miserable.

Thank you for joining us.

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