To learn more about SalesCart, visit our website
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SalesCart provides a Free Facebook Shopping Cart.   We use Facebook as a login mechanism and to provide a container to display your store.  However, once you have built your SalesCart catalog it can actually be placed on any website and you can choose whether to display it on Facebook or not.  If you don’t have a website, you don’t need one because you can use your Facebook page and display your SalesCart store entirely within Facebook completely without a website.

This new method of doing cloud based ecommerce means that ecommerce is now easier, more secure, and now more economical than ever before.  No longer do you need a web designer or even security experts to maintain your products.  You can now do it entirely yourself.  Its free for the first 10 products.  When its time for you to grow, SalesCart provides a complete merchant with gateway and the shopping cart for up to 1000 products for just $35/month.  You can also opt for a card reader to take face-to-face sales in addition to your online sales and all for online discount rate of just 2.6%

Our SalesCart Blog is where we will focus in on topics to help the average company just starting out in ecommerce.  We have been doing ecommerce for over 20 years and we use our experience to help you succeed by discussing ecommerce gotchas, tips and tricks and the general news of ecommerce.

To learn more about SalesCart, visit our website or visit our Facebook Page.

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